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History of Steinway Pianos

Steinway pianos and New York have a long history. New Steinway pianos are built in Astoria, Queens, a borough of New York City, and many restored and used Steinway pianos remain in concert halls, schools and private homes throughout the city. The Steinway Pianos built in New York are shipped throughout North and South America while the pianos produced in the Hamburg, Germany factory are Steinway pianos shipped worldwide.

Steinway & Sons was founded in New York City in 1853 by Henry Engelhard Steinway, a German immigrant. Prior to establishing Steinway & Sons, Henry had already built 482 pianos, but the first piano produced by the company, number 483, was sold to a New York family for $500. The Steinway 483 can currently be seen at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art. By 1891, Steinway had moved to its current location in Astoria, Queens, New York, to an area commonly known as Steinway Village. Previously, Steinway was based on 14th Street which became the home of the New York Philharmonic until they moved to Carnegie Hall. All of the major cultural institutions in New York from Carnegie Hall to Lincoln Center have several Steinway models for the performing musicians. Many of the most important musical schools in New York use and own Steinway pianos including the prestigious Juilliard School.

Steinway Pianos and New York have a unique history and collaboration. The factory itself functions as a beta test site for solar technology in the Tri-State Region. The air conditioning and dehumidifying unit on top of the factory is solar powered and keeps the construction environment for the pianos at a consistent temperature and humidity. either of which can effect the build and performance of a Steinway. The same environmental precautions must be taken when you own a Steinway and even then the need for a Steinway piano restoration can arise.

Some of the most popular musicians in the world and native New Yorkers perform and compose on Steinway baby grand pianos including Lady Gaga, Billy Joel and Alicia Keys.

Affordable Steinways in NY

You might think an affordable Steinway baby grand piano is an oxymoron, an impossibility or simply out of your budget range. True, new Steinway pianos are expensive. Each piano is handcrafted and takes, at minimum, one year to build. The parts and woods used to build each Steinway are top quality and the labor is highly skilled, frequently requiring years of apprenticeship.

But there are alternatives to a new Steinway piano, as restored Steinways are for sale. In fact the most desireable pianos are the Steinway baby grand pianos made between 1900 and 1955. This was a special time for piano building as improvements in technology, master builders and incredible raw materials led to some of the best pianos ever made. Many of these Steinway pianos are in New York and still in use today and can be purchased by you.

Used Steinway pianos and restored Steinway pianos run the gamut as far as price and there is one for most budget levels. Many collectors and professional musicians have started small and gradually moved from more modestly priced Steinways into higher end models. And the great thing about any Steinway is it’s resale value is always high so when you upgrade to a new model you can cover part of your cost by selling your Steinway. And rest assured, your old Steinway piano will be someone else’s new piano soon.

Top Rated NY Steinway Stores

Steinway pianos are only made by the Steinway company in Astoria, New York and Hamburg, Germany. But Steinways are sold by Steinway dealers worldwide. Once a Steinway is sold by the Steinway company it may be resold as a used Steinway piano by the original owner and sold again after that, ad infinitum. In fact, many of the most sought after Steinways are from particular years or from a particular factory.

There are subtle differences between all Steinway models and collectors and musicians seek out these differences and will pay top dollar for a particular model such as a Steinway Model M or a Steinway Model B.

Those looking for a Steinway appraisal frequently use a reputable New York Steinway dealer and a Steinway baby grands expert to broker sales and offer advice and consultation. Selling or buying a Steinway is a large undertaking and you want to protect yourself with quality expert advice whether you are buying or selling a Steinway baby grand piano. This is especially true for those with a Steinway piano in New York.

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Steinway Pianos and Charity

A Steinway piano is an incredible and unique item for any charity event or auction and a Steinway appraisal may be necessary to ensure the piano is valued properly for bidding. Musical instruments, especially if they have a unique or interesting history, can draw bids of thousands of dollars and Steinway pianos have helped many charities raise money and continue their important work.

Of course, one can also donate a piano to an educational institution as an in kind gift and receive a valuable tax deduction. A fair trade for both parties. If you are interested in donating a Steinway piano in New York we recommend the following charities and schools doing great work for those in need, with a little help from pianos:

Ten O'Clock Classics has auctioned off Steinway pianos signed by celebrities such as Billy Joel and Justin Timberlake. The proceeds from the auctions have benefited the organization's music education program. The group gives music lessons and instruments to children in Harlem and The Bronx.

Sing For Hope was the organization responsible for the celebrated "Play Me, I'm Yours" campaign throughout NYC which placed pianos in public places for the enjoyment of all.

The Juilliard School is New York’s premier school for musical and arts education. It trains the musicians of the future and boasts many notable pianists among its alumni ranks.

The Manhattan School of Music is another amazing music school located in Morningside Heights, down the street from Columbia University. Its alumni list includes several well known pianists including Harry Connick Jr. and Billy Joel.

Steinway Piano Movers

Moving a piano can be hard. We’ve all seen the silent films where a piano inevitably falls or is dropped, almost landing on Charllie Chaplin or Buster Keaton. We laugh but it’s only funny because those are props (or Yamahas…just kidding Yamaha) not Steinways!

You want to take extra special care of an investment that can be the second most expensive thing you own after your home. Even smaller pianos can require professionals when moving from one room to another let alone from one building to another as pianos can weigh from 300 to over 1,000 pounds. Moving Steinway pianos especially in New York requires an understanding of the balance and inertia of pianos, proper equipment, and, of course, plenty of strength. Only Professional movers, trained in all the aspects of piano moving, from disassembly to maneuvering, can quickly and efficiently move a Steinway baby grand piano to your specified location.

So if you need a Steinway piano restoration or have a used Steinway piano for sale check in with Park Avenue Pianos. They have a great reputation and a commitment to keeping your investment and passion safe. You don’t want your piano to, well…. That would be sad, not funny.

Golden Age of Steinway Buildin

Steinway pianos have always been top quality since 1853 but there is a special period, designated a ‘Golden Age’ by those who love Steinways and their lore. From 1900 to 1955 Steinway & Sons reached its zenith as a world class piano maker. The pianos of this period attained a demand and value that continues to this day. Steinway & Sons still points to this period with pride and the Steinway baby grand pianos of this period are highly sought after.

During the ‘Golden Age’ the piano was the most important source of entertainment in the home. Only the newly developed radio could compete with the Steinway for entertainment value with televisions still scarce and movies requiring a trip to the local movie house. Pianos were in great demand and Steinway like no other company delivered and took advantage of this ‘Golden Age’. The company created and developed new Steinway models during this robust period and began to truly emerge as the preeminent piano maker in the world as Steinway pianos became available worldwide.

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