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Steinway pianos are only made by the Steinway company in Astoria, New York and Hamburg, Germany. But Steinways are sold by Steinway dealers worldwide. Once a Steinway is sold by the Steinway company it may be resold as a used Steinway piano by the original owner and sold again after that, ad infinitum. In fact, many of the most sought after Steinways are from particular years or from a particular factory.

There are subtle differences between all Steinway models and collectors and musicians seek out these differences and will pay top dollar for a particular model such as a Steinway Model M or a Steinway Model B.

Those looking for a Steinway appraisal frequently use a reputable New York Steinway dealer and a Steinway baby grands expert to broker sales and offer advice and consultation. Selling or buying a Steinway is a large undertaking and you want to protect yourself with quality expert advice whether you are buying or selling a Steinway baby grand piano. This is especially true for those with a Steinway piano in New York.

For a beautifully lightly used (almost new) Steinway piano we recommend Park Avenue Pianos in New York is a leading restorer and reseller of Steinway Pianos and functions as an independent company unrelated to Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.
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