Golden Age of Steinway Building

Park Avenue Pianos

Steinway pianos have always been top quality since 1853 but there is a special period, designated a ‘Golden Age’ by those who love Steinways and their lore. From 1900 to 1955 Steinway & Sons reached its zenith as a world class piano maker. The pianos of this period attained a demand and value that continues to this day. Steinway & Sons still points to this period with pride and the Steinway baby grand pianos of this period are highly sought after.

During the ‘Golden Age’ the piano was the most important source of entertainment in the home. Only the newly developed radio could compete with the Steinway for entertainment value with televisions still scarce and movies requiring a trip to the local movie house. Pianos were in great demand and Steinway like no other company delivered and took advantage of this ‘Golden Age’. The company created and developed new Steinway models during this robust period and began to truly emerge as the preeminent piano maker in the world as Steinway pianos became available worldwide.

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