Affordable Steinways in NY

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You might think an affordable Steinway baby grand piano is an oxymoron, an impossibility or simply out of your budget range. True, new Steinway pianos are expensive. Each piano is handcrafted and takes, at minimum, one year to build. The parts and woods used to build each Steinway are top quality and the labor is highly skilled, frequently requiring years of apprenticeship.

But there are alternatives to a new Steinway piano, as restored Steinways are for sale. In fact the most desireable pianos are the Steinway baby grand pianos made between 1900 and 1955. This was a special time for piano building as improvements in technology, master builders and incredible raw materials led to some of the best pianos ever made. Many of these Steinway pianos are in New York and still in use today and can be purchased by you.

Used Steinway pianos and restored Steinway pianos run the gamut as far as price and there is one for most budget levels. Many collectors and professional musicians have started small and gradually moved from more modestly priced Steinways into higher end models. And the great thing about any Steinway is it’s resale value is always high so when you upgrade to a new model you can cover part of your cost by selling your Steinway. And rest assured, your old Steinway piano will be someone else’s new piano soon. is a leading restorer and reseller of Steinway Pianos and functions as an independent company unrelated to Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.
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